DSCN2744sistCaucasus Studies faculty and visiting researchers     (Contact us – visiting address)
Karina Vamling, Professor, Head of the Section for Caucasus Studies
Märta-Lisa Magnusson, Senior lecturer, Caucasus Studies
Manana Kock-Kobaidze, Senior lecturer Georgian
Lars Funch Hansen, lecturer Caucasus Studies
Katrine Gotfredsen,  lecturer, Caucasus Studies
Revaz Tchantouria, lecturer Russian
Anders Kärrman, education coordinator
Anita Marttila, course administrator
Elnur Aliyev, exchange PhD candidate

Former staff and guest researchers
Nina Dadalauri, Invited lecturer (Political Science)
Bela Shavkhelishvili, invited lecturer (Chechen)
Aslanbek Sultanov, teaching assistant (Chechen)
Søren Theisen, invited lecturer (History)
Alexandre Kukhianidze, professor, guest researcher
Zaal Kikvidze, professor, guest researcher
George Mchedlishvili,, guest researcher
Maka Tetradze, exchange PhD candidate
Tamuna Lomadze, PhD
Natalia Paulovich, exchange PhD candidate
Agil Valiyev, exchange PhD candidate
Giorgi Omsarashvili, exchange PhD candidate
Tina Tskhovrebadze, exchange PhD candidate

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